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Stephen Harper – Internet Major Threat To Globalization

Former Globalist Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper talks about the internet giving people the ability to get and share information and ‘develop their own views’ is causing a huge problem for Globalization and the ‘Global Order’. Praises China for their extreme internet censorship laws. Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump is a direct result of nationalist ideology spread on the internet. ‘I think this is going to get worse’ Harper says.

Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because Users Are Being Censored

The war on “fake news” embarked upon by Facebook, Google, and Twitter may be earning the media goliaths brownie points with establishment politicos, but users — and even employees — aren’t feeling as enthusiastic. In the midst of backlash over the stunning victory of President-elect Donald Trump, which some people attribute to the preponderance of apocryphal headlines disseminated by Internet search engines and social media platforms, the companies are tweaking their algorithms in order to target specifically blacklisted sites, many of which happen to be alternative media sites that question the political and media establishment.