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Man Made Epidemic | 1080p Trailer

Filmmaker Natalie Beer sets off on a journey around the world speaking to leading doctors, scientists and families to find out the truth about the autism epidemic and whether or not vaccines have a role to play. The film explores the common misconception that autism is solely genetic and looks into scientists concerns over recent years about environmental factors such as medication and pesticides which continue to leave our children with physical and neurological damage.…

Patti Finn – Vaccine Injuries and Exemptions

Ms. Finn’s presentation will focus on current liability issues involving parents who refuse vaccines on behalf of the children and the law firm’s efforts to vacate the Omnibus autism test case decisions rendered in 2010. Based on recently discovered and credible evidence of alleged research fraud and newly obtained concealed evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism, the firm is undertaking legal action to re-open the Omnibus Autism Proceedings in vaccine court Finally, the law firm is currently handling an appeal seeking certiorairi in the US Supreme Court in the matter of Phillips vs. City of New York on behalf of a little girl from Staten Island named Mary Check involving the rights of American’s to refuse vaccines. Ms. Finn and her legal team are spearheading an effort Support Mary’s Rights to increase awareness who is being denied an exemption by the City of New York.