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The Mama Sherpas Official Trailer 1 (2015)

From executive producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein (The Business of Being Born), this topical new documentary, directed by Brigid Maher, examines a growing shift in the birthing industry: the rise of Caesarean sections. With C-section rates dangerously over 30% in America, are midwives the solution? In recent years, the idea of a “collaborative care” practice where doctors and midwives manage women’s care together has begun to gain traction. Research has demonstrated that collaborative care models produce better outcomes for mother and baby, including fewer C-sections. This moving and urgent film provides an intimate lens into how midwives across the country work within and better the hospital system, redefining how the US looks at the birthing process.

Fifty years on: the injustice that still endures

At a press conference in the European Parliament today (27.05.2015) UKIP and other MEPs from the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group expressed their continuing support for the EU thalidomide survivors’ campaign.

The German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal marketed the drug in the late 1950s as a harmless pain killer, yet thalidomide proved to be the most infamous drug of modern times. The drug caused thousands of foetal deaths and abnormalities worldwide.

Evidence has emerged that the trial of Grunenthal was prematurely ended in 1970 with the active participation and encouragement of the German Federal Government. This meant that thousands of victims were, and continue to be, denied the right to the compensation they deserve.