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Heartbreaking Footage Of Juvenile Dolphin Caught On Drum Lines In Australia

A juvenile dolphin called Kyra is caught on a drumline with the hook embedded in her abdomen, puncturing her lung, as her mother tries desperately to do what she can to keep her alive. As Kyra tries to free herself, she continuously rubs against the chain associated with the drumline, eventually leaving her blind in one eye. Kyra was taken to Seaworld as a result of this incident and remains in captivity. This is just one episode of thousands that takes place from the Queensland Shark Control Program.

Why Leaky Gut Is Probably Causing All Your Skin Problems

What if your skin problems were actually a HUGE RED FLAG from your body that something was terribly wrong in your gut? What if it’s actually like your body screaming at you to help your gut. If you’re anything like I was and struggle with skin problems like acne and rosacea, you won’t want to miss this clip from an interview with one of our friends and mentors, Chris Kresser, Lac.