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“Socially responsible” CEOs most likely to be terrible

About 86% of US corporations now issue CSR, or corporate social responsibility, reports, which detail just how great they are being to the environment and the community. But a new report published in Personnel Psychology indicates that the more a CEO talks about being responsible, the more likely they are to be irresponsible – especially right after committing an act of responsibility.

Multinationals gebruiken spionnen om non-profit organisaties te ondermijnen

“A newly released report from the watchdog group Essential Information alleges that powerful corporations spy on and sabotage the very nonprofit groups dedicated to keeping them in check. According to the report, titled “Spooky Business,” a global network of former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA) employees work at the beck and call of corporations like Walmart, Monsanto, Coca Cola, Burger King, McDonald’s, Kraft, Shell, BP and others, undermining consumer protections and enforcing a pro-business agenda…