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Wetenschapper was bang dat resonantie frequenties in verkeerde handen zouden vallen

We stumbled upon the research of Dr. Leo J. Baranski, then working for North American Aviation, Inc. (a precursor to Boeing) on a microwave device targeting ATP, key to cellular energy in the body, with “resonant frequencies.” Dr. Baranski found in animal studies that the depending upon the angle, this technology had the potential capability of doubling one’s lifespan, or alternately, killing an entire population. The same technology, he believed, could even be used to unleash an energy supply to rival nuclear power. However, Dr. Baranski’s work with resonant frequencies, as well as his in depth research into theoretical physics and Unified Field Theory, which was conducted with Dr. Lancelot Law Whyte and Dr. Albert Einstein, has been all but lost to history – virtually memory holed.Like other scientists who explored resonant frequencies including Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife, the implications of Dr. Baranski’s research were likely considered inconvenient to the powers that be.