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A Stark Report on Pennsylvanians Against Fracking’s Meeting with Gov. Tom Wolf

Members of the statewide coalition Pennsylvanians Against Fracking recently met with Gov. Tom Wolf to present him with the facts on why the state needs an immediate moratorium on fracking. The governor’s response was unfortunately unacceptable. This is a brief assessment of the meeting from coalition participants.

Split Estate Trailer

Imagine discovering that you don’t own the mineral rights under your land, and that an energy company plans to drill for natural gas two hundred feet from your front door. Split Estate maps a tragedy in the making, as citizens in the path of a new drilling boom in the Rocky Mountain West struggle against the erosion of their civil liberties, their communities and their health.

Fracking Earthquake Science Explained

How fracking can cause earthquakes by lubricating faults, and the dangerous science of hydraulic fracturing is discussed with Bryce Payne. Is fracking a long term catastrophe for our environment beyond the initial rush of cheaper oil? The scientific dangers of fracking and our ongoing oil addiction is discussed in this highlight from the full length Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

Ian R Crane – FRACKtured Future: The Fracking Nightmare

Ian R Crane worked in the Oilfield Services Industry for 20 years (1979-98). Today he is on a mission; a mission to ensure that the British public are made aware of the abomination that is about to be unleashed on their ‘Green & Pleasant Land’. Former oilfield executive Ian R Crane has engaged industry sources and independent researchers to lay the foundations for his investigations into fracking — mining of shale and coal seam gas. In “Fractured Future — It doesn’t have to be this way”, a nationwide speaking tour, Ian asks whether this ‘miracle’ of nature really will be the solution to our nation’s problems? Is it going to be the best thing for us since North Sea gas, or are there hidden dangers which could impact upon communities in ways which need open discussion?

We Are Fracking Away Our Democracy

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation last week that prohibits cities and towns in his state from banning fracking, Common Dreams reported. The power to restrict oil and gas operations will now lie solely with the state, and since it’s Texas, those restrictions will probably be non-existent. While it’s not at all surprising that Texas Republicans put the wants and needs of the fossil fuel industry over the health and safety of the state’s residents, it is depressing. This is just another example of the GOP bowing down to corporations that fund their campaigns.