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Are Wealthy Arabs Bringing Kafala Slavery to the UK?

Britain’s tied overseas domestic worker visa is exposing thousands of domestic workers brought to the UK by wealthy Gulf families to conditions of slavery, trafficking and abuse, according to an independent government review, authored by barrister James Ewins. The visa, introduced in 2012, leaves overseas domestic workers legally tied to abusive employers, effectively trapping them in domestic slavery. Has the kafala system spread to the UK? Watch it on the Lip News with Margaret Howell and Nik Zecevic.

“Slavery Deeply Embedded” in South Carolina

When Rev. Clementa Pinckney lay in state at the Capitol this week, his body had to be brought past the Confederate flag that still flies there and is the symbol embraced by his killer, Dylann Roof. The Emanuel AME Church in Charleston is located on Calhoun Street, named for one of the most prominent pro-slavery figures in history, the late Senator and Vice President John C. Calhoun, who argued slavery was a “positive good” rather than a “necessary evil.” “Slavery is deeply embedded in the history of this state,” says our guest Kevin Alexander Gray, a civil rights activist and community organizer based in Columbia, South Carolina. Alexander notes calls to remove the Confederate flag from the state Capitol are just the beginning of what needs to change. “It’s about where we go moving forward. … We can’t just talk about that flag.”